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Local News Coverage

Our ‘Grazable Shrubs’ project work and latest Field Day findings have made the local news - appearing in a recent Wairoa Star edition.

An interview with project manager Peter Manson, shared the latest promising results and aims of the the three year trial - exploring the “use of tree species to hold soil on steeper more exposed faces while maintaining its productive capacity.”

This year has involved a closer focus at growing a range of common pasture species under Tree Lucerne (Tagasaste). The latest findings of the project have discovered which pasture species have been growing more successfully on the drier hill sites under Tagasaste - such as Lotus, Red Clover, and the new Cocksfoot variety.

Mr Manson also mentioned a few of the challenges the Trial has been facing; the experiment  of whether the tree can offer sustainable feed for livestock and remaining beneficial for the land itself - having to now be conducted separately.

The strong benefits of Tagasaste - feeds native birds, nitrogen fixer, top soil re-builder and a valuable early-season pollen source for bees - are all highlighted for the Wairoa Star readers, with the hopes of engaging the interest of local farmers.

Take a closer look at the article below:

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